High technology, high performance

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4 walls, 1 tablet, 1 application and your knowledge

Designed for soccer, Prometheus allows to reproduce game-like situations. By focusing on field awareness, vision, motor function and execution speed, Prometheus trains and improve players' technique and cognitive capabilities.

Improve cognitive capacities

Put walls in any configuration thanks to wireless, up to 50 meters

Create 360° trainings thanks to 4 walls, up to 20 walls

Use audio and visual stimuli

Use it anywhere, indoor/outdoor

Use it on any surface: Grass, synthetic, sand

Resistant to rain, snow, wind, heat and frost

Get at least 20h of autonomy

Easy and quick installation

Care it easily thanks to its four handles and its 16kg

One button setup, 3 minutes installation

Removable handles and feet

Real time Android/iOS App

Create your own exercices and follow players' performances over time

Get on-field instant video feedback and measures

Focus on player's execution instead of giving rules

See it in action